Friday, February 10, 2012

The joys of getting older

Chaiya and I have been having this conversation:
Me: "You are turning 21 in May..isn't that exciting? Do you know what that means?"
Chaiya and I in unison: "Rent a car!!"
Chaiya: "Yeah but I liked turning 18 better"
Me: " What?? Why?"
Chaiya: " Because that meant I could buy spraypaint."

Chaiya: " you know what I really can't wait for.... when I can wear lipstick outside the line... you know when I am really old and none of the fashion rules matter"


Nana said...

I'm with Chaiya... WHEN I GROW OLD I SHALL WEAR PURPLE AND RED TOGETHER....and wear my lipstick the way it suits me !!! love this love you both Nana

Vicky said...

Made me go look in the mirror to check my lipstick... then realized I had never put on any makeup at all. Oh well.

Tammy said...

I just love Chaiya's way of thinking! :)

Sam said...

haha, YES! Chaiya and i will be the cousins that walk around town wearing crazy lipstick and comfy clothes not caring who is looking!