Friday, March 2, 2012

Best Day Ever!

March 2, 2012 will always be our best day ever!
This day was long in coming and was really a long day but it didn't matter what it took to get there because every second was worth it.
Maliea and I arrived at the Washington D.C. Temple about 12:30. We were both so excited for her to received her endowments, make promises and commitments to Heavenly Father. The temple is such a sacred place for us and I was so excited because all of us were going to be able to go and be there together as a family. First, though our focus was Maliea!  My sweet girl was ready to take this next step, this commitment to dedicate her life and as her mom I was seriously trying not to cry happy tears all afternoon.

 We spent the next several hours together learning more about our Savior Jesus Christ and His plan for happiness in our lives. Maliea made promises to be the best she can be and received the promise of special blessings. She just glowed as we sat in the Celestial room, she was so full of joy.
We were only able to spend a few minutes, when Sis. Gooding came to tell us that Michael and all our other children had arrived at the Temple. We went downstairs and met my wonderful husband, I told him he could run... it was his last chance. hahaha. The family center at the Temple is loads of fun and the kids were all settled in playing Uno while they waited for us to complete all the record checks etc... to be done. At 6:00 pm, my handsome man and I were gazing into each others eyes and making the commitment to stay faithful, honorable to each other, to love and be devoted for eternity. Best part was kissing over the alter (wink)!

  Then our amazing children joined us and we finished our ceremony looking into the mirrors into eternity. Thayne was his bouncy self. I am so happy that everyone at the Temple was patient and loving. There was lots of hugs and kisses as we know that we are now a Forever Family!!!
It was really dark already when we came out, the Temple looked amazing all lit up. We tried to take a few pictures right outside but they didn't turn out very well.
 By this time they were pretty much done with being reverent, they were actually making faces at each other and we were trying to keep them from running all over. 
Quayde is starting to look a little missionaryish. He was really, really happy!
We went over to the visitor center and had one of the sister missionary take our picture. It's not a great one but it's us on our special day. My only sadness is that I wish we could have had some dear friends and family with us. I know those far away were with us in spirit. It was such a glorious day and we are all so very happy.  We love being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It blesses our lives and helps us know true happiness. If you are not a member and would like to know more about what we believe you can go HERE to learn more about why we cherish family and love the Lord.  I am overwhelmed by the goodness in my life and how much I am blessed. I am so grateful my sweet husband chose to become a daddy to my kids and he loves us so very much. Michael is an amazing person who is kind and loving. We have such a great marriage and now it is even better!!!


Tammy said...

Oh Tracie.....waaaaahhhh! I am crying for happiness for you and your family. What a special day filled with amazing covenants and blessings... I love you all so much and am so happy for you. My heart is overflowing.

Much love, dear friend. ♥

The two old crows said...

That is really special. I'm happy for you and your family.

charmaine said...

My thoughts were with you. What a great blessing for you and Michael. It's been a long time coming, but I'm sure it was worth the wait. Eternity is a long time!

Ninny said...

Awesome pictures! So happy for you!

mulberry station said...

Hi Tracie, I am so excited for you and your family. The Washington DC Temple is very special to me because my son and daughter-n-law were married there. It is such a beautiful place and I will never forget our incredible day there. I wish you the very best.
Love, Nancy P