Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ARRRRRGH! It's a Pirate Party

Our little boy turned seven this month!  He wanted to have a pirate party to celebrate with his friends. We spent the whole part of the first of this month in Ohio (post coming) and so that gave me about 4 days to figure everything out. So just imagine....pirate costumes, pirate stories, magical solution to see if pirates have touched your money, treasure hunt, painting treasure chests etc....  Oh yeah we have to do the whole pirate theme up right. What a happy Thayne we had!

Happy Happy birthday Thayne! You make our lives so complete and crazy. We all love you so very much!


Nana said...

thank you for the pic's I can hardly believe he's 7 already... really enjoyed your visit home Ilove you all dearly !!!love Nana

The two old crows said...

Another fun birthday at your house. You are Magical.

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